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Mar. 4th, 2016

Last Minute Lyric Wheel Reminder!


You didn't get around to submitting lyrics for the Oz Lyric Wheel?
That's okay, there are still plenty of excellent lyrics left to claim.
It's not necessary to have submitted lyrics to write for the Wheel,
all you need is to be inspired by them.
And you can interpret the lyrics any way you want!

So why are you still here?
You should be over at the Oz Lyric Wheel,
choosing lyrics for your next Oz story!
Go! Shoo! Hurry!!!
Today is your last chance!!!

Oz Lyric Wheel


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Feb. 20th, 2016

An Oz Lyric Wheel Challenge!

Once upon a time, there was a Yahoo group called Oz Lyric Wheel. 
Songs were hummed, stories were written, and all was right with the world. 
:::cue flute music and birdsongs:::
Chirp Chirp

But then, the tradition faded away, and all we
had left were the memories (and the excellent stories, of course.)


One day, not too long ago, [personal profile] ozsaur  and [personal profile] trillingstar 
were talking about all the great songfic at the old Wheel,
and they were struck with the idea that maybe it was time for a new Lyric Wheel
Now I know that not everyone likes songfic, but this is different. 
You don't have to quote the lyrics in the story, you just have to be inspired by the lyrics. 
And you get to choose the lyrics you want to write about. 
Cool, huh?

I say this is a win/win!  So go digging around
your old eight-track/vinyl/cassette/cd/m3p collections,

hop over to the Oz Lyric Wheel,

and share the lyrical love, people!

February 19: Sign ups open
February 26: Sign ups close
February 27: Claiming opens
March 4: Claiming closes
April 1: Posting begins!



This entry was originally posted at Feel free to comment here or at Dreamwidth.