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Jan. 11th, 2013

Year End Review Time

Time for the "Fic What Dusty Wrote Last Year" post!

I don't always do one of these, but I'm trying to figure out what I wrote, since it seems like the only thing I wrote all year was Xandercles.  I know that can't be right, so I'm going to sort it out in a post.  Make it official and all that.

ETA: okay, I just added them all together, and I wrote over 188,000 words in 2012.  Day-um.  82k of that is Xandercles alone, and Lost Souls (Oz Big Bang) accounts for another 59k.  Add in Monstrous, which was 21k, and that leaves 26,000 words to divide up into 16 stories.  That averages out to about 1600 words a story, and since many of them were ficlets of under 1k, a couple of longer fic obviously carried the extra wordage... 

I have to credit tamingthemuse for most of this - only four of these stories do not have TtM prompts attached, and I'm pretty damn sure I used some during Oz Big Bang, even if they didn't make it to the notes.  Writing at least 500 words a week for the prompt they supplied helped keep me on target.  So if anyone needs to light a fire under their muse, I recommend it.

Of course, the actual ideas that got the stories moving were usually prompted by ozsaur, with occasional brilliance from my other cohort in crime, trillingstar.  Those two are definitely my heroes and shit.  They've both been super supportive this year.  I'm a lucky person to have them as friends.

So, I guess I have a goal to aim for beat this year, then, huh?  *g*  Maybe I'll aim at 200k for this year's total.

Anyway, here we go!

All Your Words Are Belong To Us )

By the way - thank you so much to whoever nominated my Spike & Tara Gen fic, For Remembrance, for a "No Rest for the Wicked Round 9" award!  I am honored

The awards are still open for nominations through the end of January, so go nom your favorite fic today!


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Oct. 21st, 2012

Fic: Oz, Lost Souls, Keller/O'Reily, Keller/Alvarez, Keller/Alvarez/O'Reily, NC17

NOW SHOWING at a cellblock near you:

They took away conjugals.
They took away cigarettes.
But they couldn't take away ...

Boom, Boom, Baby!


Lost Souls

Keller stood up, moving to the door of the pod. “Game of chess?”

“I don't think so, man. If we do this, you and I can't be seen together. If I'm associated with you, they can tie the drug back to your new job.”

“Good point.” Keller shook his head. “Too bad about the chess. Alvarez is a sucker's bet. I need someone who can give me a challenge.”

Ryan laughed. “Talk to Rebadow. When he's in the mood, he can play a mean game.”

Keller looked surprised. “Rebadow, huh? I'll do that.” He left with a nod, and headed to the TVs where he found a seat in the back next to Rebadow. He bent his head down and whispered something in the older man's ear, and after a brief conversation, the two got up and moved over to a table where they began setting up a game of chess.

Ryan grinned. It didn't take Keller long to replace Ryan. He watched the space outside his door curiously, realizing with a start that he didn't know the inside stories of a good third of the people in the common room. That wouldn't do. If he was going to get back into the game, he needed to start organizing his resources and – well, he just generally needed to get his shit back together again. He'd sat around moping and whining for far too long. It was time to get to work.

He had a sudden flash of his mother at their last visit, telling Ryan he needed to find something to occupy his time. He doubted this was what she had in mind, but in Ryan's opinion, it was a hell of a lot better than croaking noise at the idiot musical therapist who’d replaced her. Besides, there was no way he could make money off his voice, but this he could do. He realized that he'd already decided to do it. Unless he got really bad news from his streetside contacts, he was in. Looks like his partnership with Keller was back in business.

- by dustandroses

Don't forget to check out the amazing graphic inspired by Lost Souls.
- by
[ profile] neevebrody

We're back.

The fourth annual Oz Big Bang is out of lockdown.
Sharpen your shanks and watch your backs.

Special thanks to cellophanebox for the artwork used in this post.
Also special thanks to [ profile] trillingstar for allowing me to steal (and adapt) her pimp post.

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