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Dec. 26th, 2012

Happy Holidays

I posted this about seven hours ago over on LJ. Duh. So much for trying to spend more time on DW, huh? Well, here it is. Better late than never. (Like that isn't already my motto...)

It's the first time I've made a post that hasn't been attached to a story in a long time. I usually fill people in on what's up with me at the top of the fic posts, but that's no excuse for not being around. I'll try to do better. I'm not really big on the holidays, but while working on the Christmas Smutday posts, I came across some stuff that wasn't really appropriate for Smutday, but that I was particularly fond of. So I thought I'd share them with you.

The video is a personal favorite of mine. David Bowie is my all time favorite musician, and I've always loved this particular song. It came after the Berlin years, and Bowie was thinking he'd prove to people that he could be normal. Hah! Anyway, Bing Crosby, who was in his seventies at the time, was looking for a younger musician for a guest spot his Christmas special, and they ended up with Bowie.

When he got to the studio to shoot his segment of the show, Bowie threw a fit because they wanted him to sing The Little Drummer Boy. I guess he thought it was an insult or something. So the two or three on site composers Bing had handy came up with the other half of this song in a very short time. I can't remember the how long, but I think it was under an hour. Which is pretty incredible for how beautiful the Peace on Earth half of the song is, and the way the two fit together.

If I remember correctly, Bing Crosby didn't live long enough to see his special air, but they showed it after his death as a tribute to him, and the song became rather popular. It gets played every Christmas season. I heard it in Target the other day, and it made me smile, because there were people in the aisles (aside from me) that couldn't help singing along. I think the banter at the beginning of the scene was all improvised.

Note: the embed isn't working well, so you can view this vid at YouTube here: Bing and Bowie.




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