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Jun. 6th, 2011

My Master List of Masturbation Fics

I finally got both my fic journals up to date, and now I can post my Master List of Master-bation!  Woo hoo!  I know you're excited, don't try to deny it.  I tried to get as many of your prompts in as I could, but there were some that just didn't make it.  Don't despair, though, I'm saving all the prompts I didn't get to, and putting them in my prompts folder.  You never know when you may see them again.  *g*

I'd like to dedicate this entire month's worth of stories to [personal profile] ozsaur, who not only stayed up past her bedtime betaing all but a small handful of these, but handed me prompts and propped me up when I was sagging low on energy and enthusiasm.  That's why she's my hero and shit!  I'd also like to thank [personal profile] trillingstar, who was a great support for me this month, as well.  Including one all-nighter, betaing the final fic in the A River Called Denial series that neither of us will ever forget, no matter how hard we try. 

So here it is: 31 days worth of masturbation fic.  Enjoy!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A River Called Denial Series - Spike/Xander, NC17.  Xander is having problems with his concentration, unless the subject is that annoying, damned sexy vampire Spike!  But if he refuses to admit it, it's not really happening, right?  Days 1 - 7, 6800 words total. 

Seeing is Believing - Spike/Xander & Jessie, NC17.  Spike turned around, half a block up the street and stood there, arms crossed. The smirk on his face proclaimed loudly that he was sure he’d won and Xander had lost this particular argument. The hell if he had.  Days 25 & 28, 3659 words.  Written for [info]wardenda.

DragaeraVerse (Steven Brust Novels)

Desperation at Castle Black; or, Who Needs Opposable Thumbs, Anyway?
- Loiosh, R.   Vlad kept him busy, and besides, who wanted to be tied down when he could be working for a witch with a reputation as a deadly assassin, living a life of danger and intrigue.  Day 27, 622 words.


Handling Your Weapon
- Mal, Jayne/Mal Preslash, R.  Note: Slight Gun Kink.  Jayne was examining some kind of complex rifle the smithy had presented to him. The open look of lust on his face was downright disturbing.   Day 13, 400 words.

Rasslin' with Your Right Hand - Jayne, Jayne/Mal Preslash, NC17.  Note: Gun Kink.  Sequel to Handling Your Weapon.  Jayne and Vera have always been close.   Day 16, 1034 words.


Soaring - Tony, R.  Tony loves to dance.   Day 15, 100 words.

Lost in the Beat - Tony & OMCs, NC17.  Notes: Voyeurism/Eavesdropping.  Expanded story that started with the drabble Soaring.   He loved getting lost in the beat, his head falling back as the bass vibrated under his skin, along his bones, into his pelvis. It was erotic and sensual and he almost always left the bar with a hard-on.   Day 17, 1400 words.

Half a Mile High? - Tony, NC17.  Wide awake at two am, what the hell else is there to do?  Day 19, 100 words.

Fashionista - Abby, Abby/Tony, NC17.  Notes: Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Underwear Kink.  Loose sequel to Half a Mile High?   Abby is fascinated by Tony's wide selection.  Day 21, 550 words.  Written for [personal profile] ozsaur.

Backfire - Gibbs, Gibbs/Tony Preslash, R.  One thing Gibbs has learned over the years is that Tony responds well to touch.   Day 24, 200 words.

Comfort and Need - Tony, Tony/the Sergeant (OMC), NC17.  Note: Part of the Rough Comfort Universe.  Tony realizes that sometimes you have to go after what you need.   Day 29, 312 words.  Written for [personal profile] trillingstar.


A Temporary Solution - Jaz Hoyt/Fiona, NC17.  The Hole can be a lonely place, but Jaz isn't the only one who's suffering.  Day 10, 750 words.   Note: Sequel to Who's the Man? 

Plexiglas and Hungry Eyes - Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily Preslash, NC17.    Not like there was a lot of privacy in Oz.  Day 11, 300 words.  Note: Voyeurism.  Written for [personal profile] trillingstar.

Storyteller - Tobias Beecher/Ryan O'Reily Preslash, NC17.  Toby’s still somewhat uncomfortable around Ryan’s easy sexuality, but with the pot fuzzing the edges of his thoughts, Toby’s relaxed enough that he just closes his eyes and gets lost in the story.  Day 13, 200 words.  Note: Voyeurism. 

Turnabout - Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily Preslash, NC17.  This time, it's Ryan's turn to watch.  Day 13, 200 words.  Note: Voyeurism.  Sequel to Plexiglas Walls and Hungry Eyes.  Written for [personal profile] trillingstar.

Heavy Hitter - Ryan O'Reily/Sean Murphy Preslash, NC17.  Ryan liked being in charge, but if he couldn’t be the one making the rules, there was nothing he loved more than challenging the one who was.  Day 22, 592 words.  Notes: Voyeurism.  Sequel to Cock of the Walk

Too Late for Regrets - Vern Schillinger, R.  Vern hates being in the hospital.  Day 23, 100 words.

Late to the Party - Miguel Alvarez/Chris Keller, NC17.  Miguel learns the importance of punctuality.  Day 26, 200 words.  Note: Dom/sub. 

The Rules - Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, NC17.  What else is there to do when you're in Lockdown?  Day 31, 300 words.   Notes: Voyeurism, Power Play, Orgasm Denial.  Written for [personal profile] paian.

Stargate: SG-1

The Naked Truth  - Jack, Jack/Daniel Preslash, NC17.  An Asgard with a sense of humor.  Nobody had expected that.   Day 8, 884 words.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving - Jack & Teal'c, NC17.   Jack is in need of a little downtime, and Teal'c has just the right solution.   Day 9, 861 words.  Written for [info]salixbabylon.

Poetry Reading at the SGC - Jack/Daniel, NC17.  Poetry had never been a strong point of Jack's.  Under the circumstances, he usually preferred something with pictures.  Day 18, 1270 words.  Written for [personal profile] paian.

Simplicity - Jack, Jack/Daniel, NC17.  There was nothing wrong with toys, but sometimes it was nice to go with the classics.  Day 30, 100 words.  Written for [personal profile] sid.

Stargate Atlantis

Bound and Determined - John/Rodney, NC17.  Rodney had been lying there, bound hand and foot, forever.  Where the hell was his rescue party?    Day 20, 767 words.   Written for [personal profile] sid.

ETA:  These links all lead to my Live Journal fic journals, since I haven't yet figured out how to transfer them to the fic journal I have set aside for DW.  (Any suggestions on transferring a couple of private journals on LJ to a community here on DW will be gladly accepted.)

Apr. 30th, 2011

Fic: Oz, Who's the Man? Jaz Hoyt/Fiona, NC17 (with bonus drabbles!)

The challenge to celebrate [info]hardtime100's eighth year was to write eight drabbles or flashfics over the course of the month, using prompts from past years.  As usual, I didn't start until a little over a week ago.  Procrastinators Unite!  (Sometime next week.)  Six drabbles and two flash fic later, I finished, waiting until the last minute, of course, which means I just posted the last of them today.

I've already posted a header for the other flash fic (Cock of the Walk), so today you get links to the last of the flash fic, and the six drabbles.  In case you're wondering, yes, I do intend to write in other fandoms in the near future.  *g*  As a matter of fact, I expect a fair amount of the masturbation month fic to be from other fandoms.  Why?  Because as soon as I finish [info]mmom, it will be time to start on my next big project: Oz Big Bang III.  I think a small break is in order, don't you? 

In the meantime, here's some more Oz for you.

Title: Who's the Man?
Author: [info]dustandroses 
Beta: [info]ozsaur, my hero and shit
Pairing: Jaz Hoyt/Fiona
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None
Summary: Shifting in his chair, Hoyt glanced around, wondering if anyone would notice if he busted a nut before they left for chow. Fiona could do that to him - just the thought of her lips on his cock, or her tongue up his ass and he was hard as a rock.
HT100 Flash Fic Prompt #59: What Would Brian Boitano Do?
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2024
Author’s Notes: A sequel to Fair Trade, but I think it can be read on its own.
Dedicated to: [info]hagiologic, who wanted more Jaz/Fiona.  Your wish is my command.  *g*

Six Drabbles:

Something in the Air - Sean Murphy (with a side order of Beecher/Keller & Ryan O'Reily), NC17, 200 words (a double drabble), Spoilers: The End of Season Three (A Lockdown Fic)

Hungry - Richie Hanlon, NC17, 100 words, Spoilers: None

Bad Influence - Ryan O'Reily/Chris Keller, Nate Shemin, R, 100 words, Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 5, U.S. Male

It's the Hair - Schillinger and Beecher, PG13, 100 words, Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 5, U.S. Male

Sock Puppet - Cyril and Ryan O'Reily, NC17, 200 words (a double drabble), Spoilers: Season 3, Episode 5, U.S. Male

Don't Think Twice - Miguel Alvarez/Donald Groves, NC17, 100 words, Spoilers:Season 1, Episode 5, Straight Life